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Transactional Analysis 101

DATE: JUNE 30th – JULY 3rd

TIME: 3:30PM – 7:30PM (IST)

FEE: Re. 11,210/-

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Workshop Facilitator

Haseena Abdulla - Transactional Analysis

Haseena Abdulla is the facilitator of this workshop. Based in Manipal, she is authorised to teach, supervise and practice psychotherapy. She is a PTSTA, Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (Psychotherapy) and is professionally associated with the International Transactional Analysis Association, USA and SAATA (South Asian Association of Transactional Analysis).

Haseena is Director for Efficacy Development at Lifelab International, a human capital development social enterprise. She collaborates with Lifelab International by supporting their corporate clients and educational institutions to enhance the efficacy of their human capital in India and Middle East. She is also part of designing Learning & Development modules as well as executive mentoring in family run business establishments. She has contributed to develop the model of education by the name IDEA (Integrated Developmental Education Alternative), indigenously incorporating therapeutic elements of Transactional Analysis for orientation of parents and educators.

Trained in clinical hypnotherapy by late Prof. Assen Alladin, then president of International school of clinical and experimental hypnosis, Calgiri School of Medical Sciences, Canada, Haseena is also a practitioner and trainer in psychodrama, trained by Jochen Becker Esbel, Germany. She is experienced in allied complementing disciplines in personal transformation and so, along with TA and Psychodrama, she integrates Gestalt Therapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Movement Therapy in her eclectic approach of work.

She has expanded her experience through developing faith-based leaders, focusing on coexistence in a pluralistic society, using modalities from Transactional Analysis and Psychodrama.

She has authored articles on convergence and divergence of TA and psychodrama and was also a part of research application of impact of TA on emotional intelligence and the influence of certain demographic variables.

About Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a social psychology developed by Eric Berne, MD (d.1970). Though TA was initially developed as an approach to psychotherapy, over the past 50 years of its growth, it has found wider application in all fields concerning human growth and change, namely counselling, education, organisations, and coaching. Its simplicity makes it accessible to people from all walks of life. Its universal value that ‘people are ok’, its emphasis on people’s power to choose and the immense hope it places on the possibility of change, makes it relevant to all cultures.

TA consists of certain key concepts, framework, practical tools that help to understand SELF and develop autonomy in personal growth as well as OKAYness that nurtures inclusion and intimacy in relationship. This significantly contributes in developing a positive environment around people to move on delightfully across personal, family, professional, and social spheres in our lives.

What is covered in the course?
The course covers the basic philosophy of TA and major concepts:

  • Philosophy and history of TA
  • Transactions
  • Ego states
  • Life Positions
  • Script
  • Stroke
  • Games
  • Time structure

A Few Concepts and How These Benefit Participants / Organizations

  • TA contains a theory of child development. The concept of life-script in it , explains how our present life patterns originated in childhood. In this workshop participants are enabled to facilitate a journey to their SELF, understand themselves and their significant others better. It also unveils the roots of their behavioral patterns which is very important in the optimization of individual productivity in their work life.
  • This equips themselves to break free from their unhealthy repetitive pattern of behaviours that affect their performance in different walks of everyday life. They can apply the same thing for their personal reflections that synchronise family relationships and their behaviour modifications.
  • The course unveil the basic stimulants that inspire a person to act and activate. It also revolves around the factors that shape the basic attitude of a person. So, practice in the workshop prepares them to install fountains of motivation in themselves to accept and to be accepted. They can be instrumental in creating a positive working environment in the family, work place, and around them, or wherever they are. This is fundamental for positive organizational work culture and a healthy family environment.
  • The concept of life position enables participants to understand how their attitudes are formed from childhood, and how they behave in stressful situations. They also get clues to the attitude of the people around them. The workshop prepares them to re-engineer their attitude towards themselves, others, and the team they work with.
  • TA is a theory of communication too. The workshop enlightens participants on the pattern of their communication – transactions – in everyday life. The analysis of the complementary and cross transactions with life examples equip them to reflect on themselves qualitatively in the transactions that they make with different people in different contexts in a day.
  • Awareness of psychological games that people play in relationships in day to day life reduces the damages of conflict, and they can fine-tune their relationships more authentically to develop more intimacy and bond among themselves.
  • Ego states explains the structure of psychological energy that we use and its behavioural manifestations. This is one of the key concepts to readily practice after the workshop that will enhance the quality of communication, relationship and team work at the work place as well as organizations that participants are involved with, particularly if they are in leadership roles.

About the Organizations

Lifelab International (www.lifelabintl.com)

Lifelab International is a social enterprise for developing professional human capital for meaningful interventions in mental health, education and community transformation. Lifelab facilitates collaborative platforms for individuals, institutions, organizations, NGOs, corporate entities and communities. The umbrella team extends its expertise and synergy to facilitate alternatives in education, educational governance, meaningful interventions in community development and harmony in family.

ITAA (www.itaaworld.org)

The International Transactional Analysis Association is a non-profit, member-driven educational organization founded by Eric Berne, MD. ITAA’s purpose is to help advance the theory, methods and principles of transactional analysis.



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