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Lifelab International is a social enterprise for developing futuristic leadership intelligence. We facilitate collaborative platforms for individuals, institutions, organizations, NGOs, corporate entities and communities.   The umbrella  team extends  its expertise and synergy to facilitate alternatives in education, educational governance, meaningful interventions in community development and harmony in family.   Lifelab’s pool of   diverse  intellects and expertise  creates  thematic groups which  empower people to face the challenges which follow the sweeping changes in the society.  Individuals then can celebrate their ‘more & better success’ in personal front and  become partners in creating interdependent mutuality.



Kabeer N V
Kabeer N VTransformation Coach & Social Entrepreneur
Founder and Managing Director, Lifelab International, is a change maker with an extensive experience of more than 20 years in conceiving thematic groups and developing and mentoring NGOs to create meaningful impacts on the society. He has a beneficiary profile of more than a million which includes corporate, educational institutions, NGOs, orphanages, social organizations, students, parents, teachers and executives in India and Middle East. He has an outstanding academic record from premier universities such as Gold Medallist in Sociology from the Aligarh Muslim University, M. Phil. from the Delhi School of Economics and Masters in Psychology from the University of Madras.
Kabeer has accreditation from and affiliation with various training disciplines and organizations such as Transactional Analysis, MBTI, NLP, Gestalt Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Theatre Arts & Movements and Creative Movement Therapy. He has travelled extensively for his professional career and global assignments to the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. He represented India in the IVLP batch of 2012 to the USA with the theme ‘Change Makers’. He is the designer of and instrumental behind various breakthrough projects for Government and non-Governmental agencies. Professionally, he is General Manager, Learning & Development of Quality Management & Services, Qatar, as well as Director for Business Development, International Division of EXCITE Training, India.
Haseena Abdulla
Haseena AbdullaPsychotherapist & Educationist
Director, Project Interventions, Lifelab International, is a Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (Psychotherapy) and is professionally associated with International Transactional Analysis Association, the USA. She is a Post Graduate in Sociology and Psychology and has a PG Diploma in Counselling Psychology. She has conceived and experimented with the unique concept of indigenous IDEA (Integrated Developmental Education Alternative) in schooling process. She is specialized in and passionate about inculcating resonance in teachers to nurture students for global competencies and appropriate behaviour modification infusing developmental assets. Her pioneering work in schooling process includes the curriculum she has designed and successfully delivers for the School of Parenting.
A certified Psychodrama practitioner, she integrates Gestalt Therapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Movement Therapy in her work.
Zuhail Babu
Zuhail BabuExperiential Educator
Director, Research & Development Division, Lifelab International, is a Post-Graduate in
Psychiatric Social Work. He is a Phd Scholar in Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai. He was a trainee under Karen Pratt (South Africa) in Transactional Analysis (Education). His rich experience in one of the leading educational NGOs in India contributed to the success track of milestone projects in career psychology, grassroots empowerment, mental health, test constructions, etc. He is passionate about the concept of ‘Organic Education’ and is specialized in supporting educational institutions in their journey towards excellence in educational governance as well as in turning around institutions by upgrading their quality for Quality Assessment Government authorities in different countries. He has international qualification in Montessori Method of Education and experience in Waldorf schooling. He is a consultant for Activity Based Learning and is a passionate coach in the fields
of education, parenting and life skills.
Indu Raveendran
Indu RaveendranAdvocate & NGO Consultant
Indu is an advocate who provides management support services to agencies and organisations working in social development and service sector. She strives to assist development partners to achieve their results efficiently and effectively. She offers legal consultancy services to department of forest and environment, banks and financial institutions. She is a Law graduate from University of Calicut and is a Post graduate in social work from Sri Shankara Acharya University of Sanskrit. She uses frameworks from transactional analysis in understanding human development.
Khamarudheen KP
Khamarudheen KPEmpowerment Consultant.
Khamarudheen KP is a Master Social Worker with keen interest in child rehabilitation, school social work and life skill education. He is a Phd Scholar in Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. He has been involving in the leadership of various rehabilitation projects for deprived and orphaned children. He is also a consultant for educational excellence. His track records includes quality assessment of schools, human resource appraisal and solution focused remediation.
He has developed unique projects for school social work and life skill education. He is an expert trainer in brain gym and has published a series of work books named ‘TRAIN THE BRAIN -a workbook that accelerates your mind’ for young children.
He is a nature enthusiast interested in developing empathy, resilience, compassion through “Connectedness to nature” programmes. He is a nature and wildlife photographer.
Satheesh Kumar
Satheesh KumarFounder & Director, the talk
Visionary and accomplished media professional with an experience of 17 years in the
business of media. He has worked in different platforms like print, television, digital &
events with primary focus in sales and marketing. He is an independent consultant in
strategy, sales, marketing and brands with a special interest in media. He has worked with brands like Indian Express, Tehelka, THiNK, Aidem in the leadership roles. Throughout his career, he has taken ownership of the brands and offered high-energy, result oriented leadership with an entrepreneurial attitude.
He is the founder & director of ‘the talk’, an initiative started with the idea of finding
solutions on critical issues through conversation.
Jini K Gopinath
Jini K GopinathClinical Psychologist
Jini Gopinath is the founder and Chief Consultant of a global mental health initiative called Mind Matters. The initiative focuses on the psychological services that are provided to an individual as well as to organizations. The basis of his practice has its roots in three schools of thought, they being – Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Transactional Analysis (TA) and Hypnotherapy. These perspectives provide a framework of exploring behavior, emotions and thoughts, according to the needs of the individual.
He believes in operating from an empathetic, ethical and non-judgemental stance, to
addresses unique issues that the individual may find debilitating.

Pool of talents who extend their expertise with us


I strongly recommend this course to everyone involved in people development. It was absolutely wonderful and transformational. Not only did the experience provide me with an opportunity to make a change/make a difference in the lives of my clients, but it also provided me the opportunity to grow and learn about myself as a therapist and as a person. Just in a few days I overcame some personal barriers, which I am so grateful for. The skills are quick and easy to apply to any form of communication, professionally and personally.

Hiral Chauhan, Physiotherapist, Fitness Coach

I was quite skeptical about the workshop in the beginning. But a need for a revamp brought me here. I am glad I chose to come. This workshop has been nothing but beneficial. I feel like the title of the workshop has been justified.

I could very easily blend in with the group and communicate, which was always burdensome for me earlier workshops. More than theoretical inputs, the work shop was experiential. Rich with activities, art, movements, dance and so on, facilitator helped bring an awareness about myself, my construction for myself and my emotions. I realized I could be myself, relieved to realize that other’s constructions about me is not as bad as my own. My consciousness felt recognized and I understood that my present emotional imbalances stem from the difficulties of the little self-experience I had in my childhood. Hence, the unmet are to be met, so that I could heal.  I realized consistent awareness with follow up programs will help me in my journey. In short, I radically believe that this workshop will continue to influence me and change me.

A colors of emotion workshop participant

I had faced stress, discomfort for unknown reasons and physical problems while I was staying at camps for serving victims. I never could understand it was my body’s cry for help, I actually ignored it. But this workshop helped me to listen to my body, my emotions rather than following my thoughts. Now I realise how much internal struggles I have been going through. The skills for handling our own self is much needed for each one of us to achieve a balanced life

Kerala floods relief volunteer

I am elated to have attended the TA 101 conducted by Lifelab International. Being someone who stays away from strangers especially a group of strangers, I am impressed as well as shocked that I completed the two days’ workshop without developing a headache. I wanted a trainer who is warm, non-judgmental, composed and professional, and Haseena Abdulla was exactly that. She was patient enough to listen to all of my doubts and had a very firm grip on the topics that she was dealing with and the workshop wasn’t boring even for a minute. Haseena maam is truly a great transactional analyst and I would recommend this class to anyone who is up for self introspection.

Attendee , TA 101

Questions like “why is this happening to me every time?” or “why only me?” have always haunted me. The TA 101 workshop helped me to find answers through learning ego states, life script and psychological games I could play to make these scripts alive. I learnt that self-awareness is the first step in understanding others and improving interpersonal relationships. It was an amazing experience to overcome the fear of facing a group of strangers, and having the best transactional analyst as my trainer was just the icing on the cake. I strongly recommend this wonderful session with Haseena Abdulla.

P.S. I would have given Eric Berne a tight hug if he was still alive.

Dr. Shahna Shamsuddin, Attendee for TA 101

Good evening, sir!
Today’s class was awesome. We learnt more than we expected to. All our doubts were answered with patience and excitement. His teaching methods were vibrant and interesting. We feel like relying on him to learn and grow. All of us were so actively present in the class, we dint notice that time was ticking away. His methods made us explore a new perspective, consequently teaching us about different outlooks.


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