Tripura Kashyap
Tripura KashyapMovement Therapist, Dance Educator and Choreographer
Tripura Kashyap pioneered Creative Movement Therapy in India in 1990. She trained in
dance (Classical & Contemporary), dance pedagogy, Martial arts and Dance therapy. She
holds an M.A in Psychology and has written “My body, my wisdom”​ published by Penguin.
Tripura has received several fellowships from the Indian culture ministry for her research
projects and is also a fellow of the Ashoka International foundation.
She is the Co-founder director of Creative Movement therapy Association of India and is on the teaching faculty of Dance & Creative Art therapy courses in Bangalore, Delhi and Pune.
Nilima Bhat
Nilima BhatCo-author: Shakti Leadership | Founder Director: Shakti Fellowship
Nilima is a visionary, speaker, and coach for Conscious Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion and Integral Health. Nilima headed Corporate Communications for an ITC Hotel, Philips, and ESPN STAR Sports. She is an expert in Indian wisdom and wellness traditions. she is a trained dancer, certified Sivananda teacher and practitioner of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. Her first book is My Cancer Is Me, outlining an integrative medicine program for healing through cancer. Nilima has delivered leadership training and facilitation for Microsoft, Whole Foods Market, Etsy, Genpact, Tata, Societe Generale Bank, Vodafone, and YPO, as well as Babson College, University of San Diego, and SKS Microfinance. She is an active supporter of Conscious Capitalism and Women’s International Networking (WIN), and is on the board of Peace Through Commerce and MixR. she is currently focused on building The Shakti Fellowship: a global network of women change agents and social innovators who collaborate to create peace, prosperity, and beauty through the exchange of multiple forms of capital.
Karen Pratt
Karen PrattPersonal Coach (PCC), Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA-education), Coach trainer and supervisor
In my coaching practice I use both Appreciative Inquiry and Transactional Analysis to enable clients discover their values and positive core, which then inspires them to design new beliefs about themselves, others and the world, and to move forward to be in the world in a way that serves them best.

As an internationally trained coach supervisor, I work with people in SA and internationally, providing a space for self reflection on their work. I work one-on-one and offer group supervision. Supervision has the three aspects of support, challenge to grow and deepen practice, and ensuring appropriate and ethical work.

I am the South African trainer for an international company, Coaching Development. I offer ICF accredited coach training programmes (ACSTH) in South Africa and India. The innovative approach of having the first intensive module face to face in the different countries, followed by the groups coming together for the next 4 months of interactive, online learning, offers a rich learning experience – the similarity of all training to be coaches, and the differences that come from such varied life experiences in contrasting countries. For details of the latest programme of The Coach Practitioner, see

I am a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA) with a speciality in education (life long learning with a developmental approach) I run regular TA 101 workshops as well as 2 online training groups with trainees from both India and Africa. This comprise both teaching and supervision in the journey towards CTA and TSTA. There is a Foundation Year group, plus an advanced educational TA group.

I also run TA workshops as ongoing professional development for coaches, teachers and people who work with people. Using the TA concepts, I custom design training for corporates, NGOs and the public. These cover topics such as managements styles, team building workshops, personal development workshops, group dynamics, communication styles, effective parenting etc. For details of training and workshops, see

I am Chair of the South African Transactional Analysis Association and Chair of the International Board of Certification (IBOC) linked to the ITAA. IBOC upholds the standards for TA certification set by the Professional Standards Committee, and ensures fair and rigorous exam processes around the world.

Specialties: Personal and professional development, effective communication skills, facilitating transformational learning, supporting and deepening professional practice through supervision.

C. Suriyaprakash
C. SuriyaprakashProfessor of Human Resources, Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst
He has International Accreditation as Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA)
in the organisational field. He is a Master Practitioner in NLP. He has over two decades’
experience in industrial training, consultancy and teaching. His specialties include
Organisational Behaviour, Applied Behavioural Sciences and Human Relations Development.
His current research interests are on personality and leadership studies from the Indian
philosophical perspective. He is a faculty of Asha Counselling and Training Services,
Coimbatore and Former-President of TA Study Circle of Coimbatore. He was the Co-chair of
Training Standards Committee, Training and Certification Council of Transactional Analysts,
USA (T&CC). He was Vice-President-Operations (2007-2009) and Vice-President, Research
and Innovation (2010-2012) of the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA).
Currently he is President of the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) and
Secretary, South Asian Association of Transactional Analysts (SAATA).
Z Mohamed Nassar
Z Mohamed Nassarco-Founder and Director of E2E - EXCITE Marketing and TRAINING services INDIA PVT LIMITED
He provides Corporate training and BUSINESS CONSULTING focusing on growth strategies, building world class systems and processes to INCREASE REVENUE and profits in organisations. His clients have ranged from small entrepreneurial organizations to international corporations. Nassar has assisted over 150
clients in different industries on a global basis. Many of his strategies are focused on helping companies to communicate more clearly to prospects and clients using time tested and proven methods, Nassar is passionate in connecting his corporate experience in the field of education and social transformation. Excite Education Foundation is exclusively dedicated for this purpose and collaborate with Lifelab to materialise his mission in the field.
Mohamed Nassar holds masters in Foreign trade, Masters in Business administration, Post graduate diploma in Advertising, Post graduate diploma in Instructional Design and
Consultancy management from IIM-B. He is the Executive Director of BNI Coimbatore and also the Director of Keymind learning, Sitexcite traders.
NM Hussain
NM HussainMultiple Intelligence Analyst
A post-graduate in Economics and a Diploma holder in Archaeology and he has participated in many excavations in the field archaeology including the excavation of Indus Valley site in Rajasthan under the supervision of Archaeological Survey of India and Department of Archaeology. He maintained a close relationship with world renowned Mathematics popularizer Martin Gardner of United States. A passionate observer of best practices of Mathematics teaching around the globe.At present he is a Program Advisory Committee(PAC) member of DIET (Perumbavoor), honorary director of CIGI ( Centre of Information and Guidance India) Knowledge Management Centre(Calicut), Multiple Intelligences Analyst in Alpha Solutions( Cochin), a research associate in Spell Learning Support Centre ( Kodungallur ) , a consultant of Elixir Solutions ( Cochin) , a Research and Development consultant at Inclusion Central learning clinic ( Ernakulam) and Project Director of Nodal Centre of Social Advancement and Research of PM Foundation(Cochin).He maintains regular correspondence and personal relationship with many scholars and scientists in the universities all over the world including scientists in NASA. Now he is actively developing a series of educational packages to make schools and colleges a center of Excellence.
Prof. Dr. Jochen Becker-Ebel
Prof. Dr. Jochen Becker-EbelDirector, Vedadrama India Private Limited
PhD in theology / religious studies
Counselor/Coach DGSv
Director of Psychodrama DFP IAGP
CEO Vedadrama India Private Limited and CEO
Works in India since 1985 in social field and teaching
Conducts psychodrama training in Bengaluru, Coimbatore and New Delhi.