Corporate interventions

Team of experts with decades experience of multiple interventions in corporations globally designs and delivers systems and processes to INCREASE REVENUE and profits in organisations. It extends to vision building process, strategic growth planning, scaling up, financial health check up, HR systems building, competency mapping and competency building.

Consultancy for CSR Projects

Support is given for corporate to define, design projects as part of Corporate Social Responsibility. Also add value to the projects by revisiting existing projects, revising strategies, reorganising volunteer banks and stakeholders involved. Ultimately, facilitate corporate connection with social transformation more meaningful.

TA 101

TA is a discipline which is applied to navigate the dynamics in organisations (corporate and non-corporate). The meticulous practice of concepts in TA in organisations effectively enhances the awareness of leaders and team members and it increases the efficiency and productivity. The content of TA 101 workshop can be directly connected with areas of communication, relationship, motivation, attitude and behaviour patterns, leadership style, performance matrix of the human capital in the organziation.