Training of trainers

Design customized workshops for NGOs, Educational Groups, Organisations to equip their faculties, teachers, mental professionals and volunteers to facilitate transformational projects at grassroots. They are trained as Trainers to deliver the contents as prescribed in the projects.


A series of events, projects, structured courses and workshops in Transformational and Resonant Leadership. Globally the broader society is changing and so are the lifestyle and equation of relationships at the grassroots . Such changes are a big concern for any community. Incompatibility in marital relationships, parental adjustments , deviant behaviours are some of the important dimensions which shakes the very foundation of family and cultural fabric of a community. Effective marital counselling, supporting parenting skills, character enrichment, psychological counselling and therapy for behaviour modification are the pro-active realistic solutions to address these issues and pace the changes. Keeping this vision in mind Lifelab extends its expertise to train and empower the grassroots leadership with manifold of activities.

Training for Faith based leaders and scholars

Empowerment of grassroots leadership to improve quality of living, co-existence and communal harmony in a pluralistic society being very significant, different levels of courses are designed on psychological learning and leadership issues.

Volunteer bank workshops

Volunteer Bank workshops for grooming trainers and activists for facilitating various purpose driven interventions.

NGO Consortium

A unique gathering of different non-profit organizations of similar vision for sharing their expertise and resources for noble causes.