It is a comprehensive programme that provides diagnostic and remedial assessment tools and solutions for interventions in the whole functioning of schools, particularly for transforming them towards the next level in their growth. The huge paradigm shift in knowledge and learning makes it far more important to be able to process information and construct new knowledge than merely be a passive storehouse of knowledge. It is uniquely and harmoniously blended with assessment, training and empowerment.

Talent Trace

The potency and passion of an individual decide the success of his/her life. Intelligent choices cannot be complete in a competitive environment without appropriate profiling of the SELF. A creative handholding to search and match the profile with the most suitable opportunity makes the milestone that can take care of further miles in his/her way forward. The cornerstone of career success is ones inclination and aptness of innate apparatus of competency. It is generally believed that totality of ones vocational aptitude, intelligence domain, personality type and interests together orchestrate accomplishments. Talent Discovery is the complete solution for scanning his aptitude, interest, ability and personality type that portrays his SELF.

IDEA Indigenous

This is a unique model in alternative schooling which integrates most advanced and innovative pedagogies in a comprehensive way. The curriculum is designed to meet the various stages of child development. It is dedicated to create an innate enthusiasm and love for learning by making the process peaceful, mindful and joyful.Every child is born divinely blessed with natural dispositions. They are the epitome of virtue and purity. When life flutters to nurture the nature, a true human being is actualized. When education fosters a human beings connection to the divine, the essential tool to transform the self and surround it with fullness and tranquillity is realized. So the purpose of schooling is to nurture meaningful transition in each phase of life which will eventually lead to the refinement and integration of body, mind and spirit together.

School of Life Skills

When the future shock is experienced globally at a fast pace, an individuals need to adapt healthily to the changes has become inevitable. In this transitional phase, grooming them to internalize psycho-social skills is important. School of Life Skills provides options to cater to this need for multiple groups. School of Life Skills pedagogy is planned and designed age appropriately and it spans children aged 5 to 18 years.

Edify Teacher

Children today are increasingly victims of many social forces that negatively affect their role as students. Many families are in a state of change and until it becomes stabilized, in whatever form, children’s unmet physical and emotional needs will continue to interfere with their ability to learn and adjust in school.
Edify teacher is a unique training and capacity development program integrated with developmental psychology, Transactional Analysis, Constructivist philosophy etc.

Activity based learning

A child centered pedagogy based on Constructivist theory. It is considered as the closest to 21 st century teaching and learning process It uses educational aids to foster self-learning and allows a child to study according to his/her own way of learning. ABL is a method of instruction, where activities of different types, suitable and relevant to specific subjects are integrated seamlessly into the regular instructional methods. Trained teachers can implement ABL to their school if certain flexibility in school environment is provided

TA 101

TA is an effective academic discipline which is very powerful to be practiced to navigate the classroom dynamics and school environment.
TA offers a theory of Child development. The concept of life-script, explains how our present life patterns originated in childhood. In this workshop teachers are enabled to facilitate a journey to their SELF and understand students better, and roots of their behavioral issues, extend better support for students as foster parent and mentor. It also helps to enhance relationship of teachers with parents and team work by creating positive working environment in the school.

Training on counselling skills applied to teaching

Training on Counselling Skills Applied to Teaching is designed for teachers who face possible crises on a daily basis in their classrooms. It aims to enhance participants’ ability to accurately empathize with their students, developing and applying skills and techniques of counselling in the context of problem solving at schools. At the end of this training the teachers will be able to Identify behavioral and emotional disorders in childhood and adolescence, make therapeutic communication with the child, give primary counseling, make proper referral to mental health professionals and take part in clinical therapeutic process

Resonance in teaching

Individuals communicate their hurt, hate or anger in ways that are destructive to self and others. People who have nowhere to express or learn about their feelings, often decide to remain silent, bottle up or swallow their feelings. This leads to a constant state of unease and thus damage the person psychologically and physically. Teachers play the role of a second parent. In this role, a teacher’s exploration of bottled up emotions is important in the development of the student as well as the growth of a teacher as an individual. This will better the relationship with students, colleagues and in the overall development of the school.
This is an experiential therapeutic workshop to transform the self. This workshop is facilitated by a psychotherapist who have rich experience in dealing with people and their problems. Teachers can take risks in the workshop because we offer a safe arena.

Maths Safari

Powerful workshop designed to develop passionate attitude to learn Maths in fun way, breaking the conventional mind set and instill creative skills in teachers to present ‘ABSTRACT’ maths in CONCRETE models connecting with world around of students.