One on one Psychotherapy

In our onward journey from birth, we discover our self with blend of excitements
and disappointments, gains and losses, sadness and gladness, Our survival and
healthy living is determined by the final count of residues we cumulate.
One on One Psychotherapy is your survival BREATH to face these challenges either by sharpening the
competitive edge in performance or scaffolding you for resilience..

Therapy group

Therapy group is a small group of individuals who meet regularly with a therapist, to talk about their struggles and issues, in a safe and supportive environment.
Group allow individuals to see that they are not alone in their difficulties, learn to be vulnerable, express their emotions, and to take & give support.

TA 101

Formulated originally in a therapeutic context. People can change. The change occurs not merely by insight into old patterns of behaviour but, by actively deciding to change those patterns. The changes made can be real and lasting. TA offers a theory of Child development. The concept of life-script, explains how our present life patterns originated in childhood. TA also offers many other concepts to understand behaviour and is based on the assumption that all individuals can learn to trust themselves, think for themselves, make their own decisions, and express their feelings.
This is an experiential workshop and hence, the more involved the more the benefits.

TA Advance training group

In the South Asian region professional training and certification in Transactional Analysis has been in line with the international processes, where the first level of certification in a specific field of application (counselling, education, organisational, psychotherapy) is Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) and usually takes 4 or 5 years to complete. In order to provide milestones along this journey and also cater to those looking for shorter training and certification, SAATA provides two intermediate certifications. They are- Diploma in Transactional Analysis, Advanced Diploma in Transactional Analysis

These intermediate certifications could be an end in themselves for those who are looking for knowledge and skills for use in personal and professional contexts. They will also provide consolidation, evaluation, affirmation and motivation on the journey towards CTA which certifies for professional application in the chosen field.

Marital and Compatibility training

Need based, specially customized, experiential workshops and counselling sessions are offered for those who plan to get married or engaged. The workshop is conducted with an assessment tool for checking the compatibility and quality of relationship, followed by training for change. Marital Compatibility Index (MCI) is a new measure for understanding, forecasting and assessing the quality of a marriage. It has been designed to identify whether an individual possesses basic psychological attributes necessary for a successful and long lasting marriage. This scale is based on four components: Communication Skills, Flexibility, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of Difference in Opinion with Individual Autonomy in handling marital conflict.

Colors of emotion

Colors of Emotion is a workshop thoughtfully conceived and scientifically designed for emotional fine-tuning of teachers to nurture and structure emotional health and skills of students appropriate to their developmental stages. It focuses on bringing into awareness the adaptations formed during the childhood coping strategies, help them to explore their inner abilities and to bring about desired behavioral changes.

This enables them redesign their relationship matrix and stress, there by their accomplishments. More over this assures teachers to support students for improving their relationship with parents

School of parenting

School of Parenting is a customized curriculum of 18 hours with lessons based on developmental stages and concepts from Transactional Analysis which unfurls and addresses the childhood decisions. This course will also orient the mother parent to deal with the challenges of parenting.
This course is not only about the upbringing of a child. Rather it enriches resilience, adaptability and contemporary competence of the parent. This course is offered for interested parents