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Transactional Analysis is both a theory of personality and a system to improve personal and social functioning within the humanistic approach.The philosophy of transactional analysis emphasises that respect and empathic acceptance are essential.  Its practice is based on a contract between the trainer and trainee where equal responsibility is taken towards a common goal.  The methodology is open to the trainee and hence the power dynamics is shared.

We will offer a set of integrated theories that will enrich trainee’s skills leading towards certification in many levels. First level consists of concepts that will help practice understating their own attitudes and re-frame their identity. This is 120 hours’ program (20 days spread over a month) will be a rich blend of theory and practical application.

Trainees will have an opportunity to test theory in practice and consider the application of the same in their context. Each training day includes training in specific concepts of transactional analysis and their applications. Experiential work and reading will be required to consolidate learning. Personal work & supervision will be provided as and when required outside the learning space depending on the context. Submission of assignments and regular attendance are requirements. Trainee is entitled to pursue SAATA diploma fulfilling the criteria in the SAATA Handbook for diploma (www.saata.org)

Second level of the course will consist of specialising psychotherapy by entitling to pursue the internaltional certification CTA by ITAA (www.itaaworld.org) or Advanced diploma in transactional analysis by SAATA (www.saata.org)  This will involve new contract Involving new contract trainee agreeing to, Practice as a therapist and a client in the group setting. Be supervised in a group setting and having work reviewed by peers. Set up a system that gives him/her access to clients on a regular basis. Commit to academic work that includes documentation of client work, regular theory presentations in the group, updating log etc. Commit to supervision and personal therapy outside the group. Trainees could join exam preparation group if they meet 75% of the requirement mentioned in ITAA handbook under criteria for CTA (training, supervision, application and additional developmental hours).  They must already have started writing their exams with a client they are seeing or already have seen for a longer period. Set short term and long term goals. Contract for their own learning and renegotiate. Choose the topics for presentations and assignments.

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